Engineering of Advanced Materials
Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Australian National University

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An interdisciplinary exploration of physical and biological genesis and function of topologically complex patterns in vivo, in silico and in vitro. We invite contributions from biology, physics, chemistry, material science and mathematics that address related topics.

This was the most enjoyable and stimulating meeting I have been to for a number of years, and I made a number of useful contacts. The quality of the talks was high, there was plenty of time for discussion, and the venue was ideal. Sincere thanks to Gerd, Stephen and their team for flawless organization. The Poster and the Booklet were both produced to a superb quality.

John Seddon on 2011-10-19

This was an excellent conference. Good mix of experimental results and mathematical models and methods. Good size of the conference, and excellent oral presentations. I liked the mixture of long invited lectures, and smaller focused contributed talks. And the good time for discussions. Gongratulation.

Kell Mortensen on 2011-10-14